Ganesh Tamang

Namaste, my name is Ganesh Tamang and I am a mountain guide at By Mountain People.

Before I started at By Mountain People, I worked as a laborer in Malaysia. I spent a few years away from family and friends and I was unhappy. So, I decided that I want to stay close to home and came back to Nepal.

Here, I started working as a porter in the Everest region. After five years, I got the opportunity to go to school to study for my guide license. And I passed! I am very proud to work as a mountain guide now and take travellers like you into the mountains.

I love my job because it’s in Nepal, my home. I can tell all about the mountains, share about the culture and history. And I love it the most when I work in the Everest region. Because that’s the area where I grew up and where my own family lives. With this job I have the opportunity to see my wife more often and to spend time with my baby son while he’s growing up.

So … on which trek may I take you? 🙂

By Mountain People Ganesh
I love working in the area where I grew up.