10 Nepali words I wish I knew on my first trip to Nepal

10 Nepali words I wish I knew | By Mountain People

Hey there, it’s Lilly! When I set foot in Nepal for the first time, I only had 1 word in my Nepali language toolkit: namaste. But here’s the scoop – in the 10 years that followed, I’ve realized that having a few more words under your belt makes the adventure WAY more exciting. That’s exactly […]

How to behave towards yaks and mules and stay safe?

How to behave towards yaks and mules and stay safe - By Mountain People

When you go trekking in Nepal, you might meet yaks and mules on the trail. They’re like helpful friends who carry things up and down the mountains. But we need to know how to act around them. Let’s learn 5 simple things to make sure we’re nice to these special animals during our Nepal trek. […]

How to be respectful to locals when traveling in Nepal?

Travel respectful: How to be respectful to locals when traveling in Nepal? | By Mountain People

The rich and diverse culture of the local communities in Nepal, adds a WHOLE unique dimension to your journey. Therefore, we have 3 essential tips to share with you. So you can respectfully engage with the warm-hearted locals and their captivating traditions. Lets fill your trip with positive encounters and connections! Both for you and […]

5 tips to prevent knee pain during your trekking adventure in Nepal

When you embark on a thrilling trekking adventure in Nepal, it promises unforgettable moments amidst breathtaking landscapes. However, to fully enjoy your journey and prevent knee pain, proper preparation is key. In this blog, we’ll share 5 essential tips with you to prevent knee pain. Ensure yourself of a fun and responsible trekking experience: With […]

Top 5 Nepalese food during your trekking in the mountains

Top 5 Nepalese food on your trek in Nepal By Mountain People

Are you going on a trekking adventure in Nepal? You will be treated with breathtaking landscapes AND a delightful culinary experience. As an adventurous traveler, you might be wondering what Nepalese food await you on your mountain trek. Our top 5 options will leave you satisfied and energized. Let’s dive into the yummy world of […]

Helpful tips for preparing your first trekking in Nepal

Prepare your first trekking in Nepal - By Mountain People

If you love the mountains, enjoy spending time in beautiful sceneries and are up for a physical challenge, coming to Nepal and planning a trekking is a great decision. However, hiking in Nepal might be different from what you’re used to by hiking in the Alps in Europe or the Rocky’s in America. That’s why […]

What to look for in a trekking guide in Nepal?

What to look for in a trekking guide in Nepal

So, you’ve decided you want to do a trekking in the Nepali mountains? Excellent decision! The Himalaya and Annapurna mountain range have so much to offer in both nature and culture! But safety should always come first. That’s why we recommend travelers to hike with an experienced guide. But finding the right one can be […]

Altitude Sickness. What is it and can I prevent it?

Altitude sickness: What is it? And how can I prevent it? - By Mountain People treks in Nepal

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is an altitude sickness. You can get this sickness when you are at high altitude. Even though you can’t completely prevent getting sick, you can reduce the risks to a minimum. Learn the symptoms and how you can prevent altitude sickness. Because then you can enjoy your time in the mountains […]

Must read travel books for your upcoming Nepal trek

Must read travel books - By Mountain people

Have you just booked your first trip to Nepal? Or, are you looking for something to spend your time with in a mountain lodge after a long trekking day? Travel books are the answer. Here are some of the must read Nepal related travel books, recommended by both our guests and ourselves. Is there a […]




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