About the Kathmandu Valley

The Kathmandu Valley is Nepal, in many ways. Created by the sword of the Buddhist deity Manjushri, the natural basin is a patchwork of terraced rice fields and sacred temple towns that showcase the glory of the architects and artisans or Nepal. The valley is literally full of medieval villages, centuries old temples and sacred sites. While just beyond the valley rims lie the massive Himalayan mountains.

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Kathmandu Boudhanath Stupa by Cat
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Kathmandu City Tour

1 Day

The capital of Nepal is an exhilarating, fascinating and maddening city of colour and chaos. Nestled in a large valley that – according to legend – was once a huge lake, Kathmandu offers an unparalleled variety of medieval monuments, temples…

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Lumbini, Nepal by Robert J.

    Nepal’s Culture & History Tour

    15 Days

    During this culture history tour you’ll be introduced to Nepal and shown the highlights of our magical country. You’ll discover the colourful capital Kathmandu, the exciting jungle in the south, Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini, the old kingdom of Palpa and of course…

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