Dolpa circuit trek [two passes]

Discover untouched Dolpa (डोल्पा)

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your private Dolpa Circuit trek

Dolpa region

17-18 days


5,310 meter

guide, porter & cook

homestay & tent

about the route

Dolpa is a remote and spectacular corner of the Himalaya, isolated from the rest of Nepal by high passes in the south. This homestay trek in untouched Dolpa is truly a unique experience. You get the opportunity to be the guest to locals as you'll be taken into their home. You'll join meals together in their kitchen and walk through the fields while being followed by curious children. 

This trek is actually one major highlight, but to name two places along this route in particular we say: Dho and Phoksundo Lake.

Dho is a village in the beautiful valley of Dho Tarap, a remote valley of pure Tibetan influence It consists of several clusters of closely packed stone houses. Scattered across the valley you find numerous Buddhist monasteries and chortens. For instance above the village you find the Ribo Bhumpa Gompa. 

Phoksundo Lake is north to Ringmo, a village that's located on a 30,000 to 40,000 year-old landslide dam. This dam formed the lake on one side and a 167m tall waterfall on the other side. The lake is surrounded by glaciers and known by its magnificent turquoise color.

alternative trekking route

Curious about the people and culture of Dolpa? Take a look at our [Homestay Special] trek in which you stay with locals in a village 'off the trekking route' and visit Dolpa's pearl Phoksundo Lake as well.


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day 01 | Pre-trip meeting.

day 02 | Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj (150m).

day 03 | Flight to Juphal (2,475m) and trek to Dunai (2,140m).

day 04 | Trek to Lingdo (2,390m) - 5/6 hrs.

day 05 | Trek to Laina Odar (3,375m) - 4/5 hrs.

day 06 | Trek to Nawarpani (3,475m) - 5/6 hrs.

day 07 | Trek to Sisaul (3,750m) - 5/6 hrs.

day 08 | Trek to Dho Tarap (4,040m) - 6/7 hrs.

day 09 | Rest and acclimatisation day around Dho Tarap.

day 10 | Trek to Numa La Basecamp (4,350m) - 4/5 hrs.

day 11 | Trek via Numa La pass (5,310m) to Danighar (4,631m) - 6/7 hrs.

day 12 | Trek via Baga La pass (5,214m) to Yak kharka (3,982m) - 6/7 hrs.

day 13 | Trek to Ringmo (3,650m) - 4/5 hrs.

day 14 | Explore around Phoksundo Lake (3,612m).

day 15 | Trek to Chhepka (2,520m) - 6 hrs.

day 16 | Trek to Juphal (2,475m) - 6 hrs.

day 17 | Morning flight to Nepalgunj and relax.

day 18 | Drive back to Kathmandu and farewell dinner.

Note: it is possible to combine your trekking with other activities such as white water rafting and wildlife safari in the jungle. The itinerary can be customised according to your wishes and the duration of your stay in Nepal.

Contact us for more information.

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day 01 | Pre-trip meeting.
By Mountain People welcomes you at your hotel for a pre-trip meeting. We introduce you to your guide and we will talk about the trekking route. If you have any questions or requests, we would like to hear them from you.

Note: Please make sure you bring your passport to the meeting along with three copies and a readable copy of your travel insurance policy. During this meeting we request you to clear the due balance if any, and sign the legally binding trip form as well as the non-liability disclaimer.

overnight at a hotel

day 02 | Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj.
Today we go to the airport and catch the flight to Nepalgunj, a city southwest from Kathmandu near the border with India. In Nepalgunj we will visit bazaars and surrounding villages that are populated by different ethnic people. We can also visit the holy temple of Bageshori.

overnight at a hotel

day 03 | Flight to Juphal and trek to Dunai.
Early morning, we go back to the airport and catch our flight to the village of Juphal (2,320m). During the 30 minutes flight we see a rapid change of the landscape below us. It changes from the flat Terai to hills covered by paddy rice fields to the first high mountains of Dolpa. From Juphal we walk to our campsite in Dunai (2,850m) where we’ll spend the night.

overnight in a tented camp

day 04 | Trek to Lingdo.
Today we trek to Lingdo (2,391m). From Dunai the trail goes a little bit upward and downward, along the Thuli Bheri river and we pass a Buddhist village. A part of the trail is made out of rocks and is narrow at times.

overnight in a tented camp

day 05 | Trek to Laina Odar.
Our trek up to Laina Odar (3,370m) follows a trail that moves upward slowly. Again on this day the trail ascends upward over the Thuli Bheri river towards the suspension bridge. Today our trek has strenuous ascends.

overnight in a tented camp

day 06 | Trek to Nawarpani.
As a start, the trail moves in the small pass taking for about 45 minutes. From the pass it appears as an easy walk enticing some ascends. A major part of this day we trek through a lovely smelling Pine forest. In about 4 hours we will arrive in Nawarpani (3,575m) we spend the night.

overnight in a tented camp

day 07 | Trek to Sisaul.
From Nawarpani we trek to Sisaul today. Also today the trail is trouble free. However, in some parts the trekking trail is attractively carved out of rocks. The day ends with an ascend for about half an hour till Chorten and then Sisaul (3,750m).

overnight in a tented camp

day 08 | Trek to Dho Tarap. 
Today the trail takes us upward to a tiny pass where we step into the valley of Dho Tarap (4,080m). In Dho Tarap we pass several small chortens and mani walls and get a view over houses that are built in a Tibetan style.

overnight in a tented camp

day 09 | Rest and acclimatization day around Dho Tarap.
It’s mainly a day to rest and let our body get more comfortable with the altitude and climate. Nevertheless, we can explore the area a little bit with a short hike or explore the village of Dho Tarap.

overnight in a tented camp

day 10 | Trek to Numa La Basecamp.
Today is an important day as we are trekking to Numa La Basecamp (4,440m). At the end of the village we can visit the gompa which is merit to visit as well. This gompa also consists an attractive statue of Maitreya.

overnight in a tented camp

day 11 | Trek via Numa La pass to Danighar.
Today is an exciting day as we climb over 800 meters to cross Numa La pass (5,318m). We start our day early morning for a strenuous climb for about 3 hours. Once at the pass, if the weather is clear, we will be rewarded with views over an amazing range of snowcapped mountains such as Manaslu, Annapurna, the Shey Shikar and many more. On the other side of the pass we descend about 600 meters again to Danigar (4,631m) where we spend the night.

overnight in a tented camp

day 12 | Trek via Baga La pass to Yak Kharka.
This is another beautiful trekking day which we begin early morning. Today we have an excellent outlook on the Norbung Kang and the Baga La range. the smooth and easy but regular walk takes us up to Yak Kharka (3,982m), which is another perfect spot to set up our camp.

overnight in a tented camp

day 13 | Trek to Ringmo and Phoksundo Lake.
Now we trek to Ringmo and Phoksundo Lake (3,733m). As we leave Yak Kharka we level up and downhill by fleeting many levels to the tiny pass. Those motivating passes show us the way to the woodland of Pines and accompanied by the loving varied sounds of birds. As soon as we get ahead of the thick forests we arrive at Ringmo and Phoksundo Lake (3,733m).

overnight in a tented camp

day 14 | Explore Ringmo and Phoksundo Lake.
Today we explore and enjoy the beautiful area of Ringmo and of course the turquoise Phoksundo Lake.

overnight in a tented camp

day 15 | Trek to Chhepka.
It’s time to trek down again. We trek via Rechi (2,940m) to Chhepka (2,838m). Today we trek through the stunning Pine forest, birches, bushes and spare broad tress. We also get to view the river very well today.

overnight in a tented camp

day 16 | Trek back to Juphal.
Today the trek takes us back to Juphal (2,475m) in about four hours. We follow a trail along a mountain ridge with the river next to us and pass the tiny settlement of Kalagauda (2,070m). Depending on the season the area is a pasture of Wheat, Barley but also Walnut and Apricot.

overnight in a tented camp

day 17 | Morning flight to Nepalgunj and then to Kathmandu.
Early morning we have to be packed and ready for our flight back to Nepalgunj. From there we catch a connecting flight to Kathmandu. During the flight you can sit back and enjoy the watching the elevated mountains, the paddy ricefields and Terai. Once we arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, we bring you to the hotel.

overnight at a hotel

day 18 | Transfer for your final flight departure.
For now the trip has ended and we bring you back to the Kathmandu International Airport for your flight departure from Nepal. We thank you for your stay in Nepal and traveling with by Mountain People and we hope to welcome you again in the future!

Note: Curious about the highlights of Pokhara or a canoe ride in the jungle? Take a look at our Pokhara city trip or the Jungle tour in Chitwan National Park. We can also provide you other services such as bus and flight tickets, hotel bookings and connecting packages.

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