Our values

Started as a friends club and still a friends club. But a club of professionals and with an obsessive focus on customer satisfaction. And that pulls ambitious and sincere people. Each year, we welcome new colleagues and partners. And then one thing becomes very important: that everyone embraces our culture, understands our company and expresses our concept. Based on our 3 core values: Responsible travels for both people and nature. Support for local businesses and communities. And … to simply amaze.

At Thorong La by Martine Karsemeyer

Responsible travels

These stunning mountains are what draws you here. And it keeps us here too. And that is why we find it important that we take good care of it while we’re here. We encourage both locals and you as our guest to be conscious about the effects of our presence. Also, we are happy that we have many tips to share about how we can make the impact of our presence minimal.

It’s our goal to not only let people enjoy the beauty of the Himalaya. We also want to make people aware of the vulnerability of nature and share knowledge about how to keep it safe.

Support local businesses & communities

We believe that every person deserves opportunities in life. Therefore, we give local businesses and communities work. We work with dedicated, mountain guides who grew up in these mountains. And we prefer to take you off the beaten track, where we provide you with a room at family runned mountain lodges.

It’s our goal to create business opportunities for locals who live in off-side areas. These are just as beautiful to trek in. And if not, they’re much more beautiful.

Simply amaze

Simply amaze, two words that contradict each other. But at the same time it is what makes it very “BMP’ish”. We are both incredibly dedicated and down to earth.

To amaze means that we exceed expectations. We are more than just a travel agency that sends you into the mountains with a guide and permit. No, we are way more than that. You get personal and specialised advice from us. We send you or your guide a text message when you’re in the mountains, just to hear how you are. It’s all to make a smile appear on your face.

Simply means that we find it normal to amaze you. When you travel all the way to Nepal and trek for days (or even weeks), you are looking to be amazed. Right? So that’s what we do. We amaze you with the little things. Have we heard that your knee has been painful in the past? We will search for solutions or something that will ease it along your trip. That is normal to us. And also, that we stay ourselves while we’re amazing you.