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Right after the earthquakes, Govinda and three Dutch friends (including Lilly) came together and established Friends 4 friends. With this initiative they raise donations to support education in Govinda’s home town.

schools of Parbat

Parbat is the area BMP's founder Govinda comes from. His village counts two schools that both got affected by the earthquake. Based on the amount of students, we call them the ‘big school’ and the ‘small school’.

Nepal Tara Higher Secondary School

The first school was established after a generous Nepalese donated a large piece of his land to the community, back in the eighties. This school provides education to 350 children from class 1 to 12. The earthquakes hit this school with 16 class rooms badly. It turned 5 rooms completely into rubble and left 6 severely damaged.


Of every booking via by Mountain People, we donate 10% to these two schools in Parbat.

In 2015 big school received Rs. 100,000 to rebuild classrooms. small school received Rs. 72,000 to keep a teacher in class for an entire school year. Currently we are evaluating the result of the donations in 2015 and working on a second donation for 2016 so that they can keep up the good work.

Ganatantra pravi 

The second school was established by the villagers themselves to provide education to the youngest children from big families with low income. With this second school all children in the village have access to education. The school is currently runned by one teacher who’s provided by the government and two ladies from the village. The village also provides them resources like books and pens.

However, since the earthquake the village wasn’t capable of supporting this school anymore and a very valued and respected teacher was forced to leave her job.

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