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Mastering the art of professional small-scale treks in Nepal

So, you are curious about us. Nice! We are a small but professional team of experienced mountain people. We’re travel enthusiasts. Just like you!

Why choose BMP

By Mountain People is the trekking company in Nepal that truly understand how 2 worlds can meet in the best way possible. This is in the DNA of the company, since it has been founded by Nepali Govinda along with his Dutch partner Lilly.

Understanding the expectations from both worlds

As Govinda and Lilly were born and raised in 2 different worlds, they understand the expectations from both locals in rural areas of Nepal and foreign travellers. This has led to so many successful mountain treks with people from all over the world, who explored our stunning mountains with the most of fun, safety and respect for our local nature and culture. And so can you!

It is important to us that you will have a great experience in Nepal as well. However, Nepal is still a developing country. It can be challenging to organize your trip in Nepal from A to Z, especially in the rural and mountainous areas of Nepal. That’s why we are here: we organize full-service mountain treks, that we can entirely customize to your wishes.

Customizable full-service travel & trekking plans

In our website, you will find lots of travel plans that are meant to inspire you and show you the endless possibilities. Each plan is dedicated to an epic multi-day trekking in the Himalayan mountains. These plans are including all domestic transportations and accommodations as well.

Together, we will create the travel plan that is perfect for you. This way, you will be ensured your travel & trekking plan fits your:

  • Time table
  • Level of fitness
  • Budget

We are looking forward to meeting you …

… and, we are looking forward to taking you along on an epic adventure into the heart of Nepal. Let’s explore some options!

By Mountain People team

Base camp treks

Everybody wants to see the world's highest mountain. That is what makes Everest Base Camp (EBC) so popular. The place where mountaineers start their climb to the summit. We offer several stunning trekking routes to EBC.
And there's Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) too. Being here is also an amazing experience, as it is located in a spectacular mountainous amphitheatre. Here, you will be surrounded by the massive Annapurna peaks


Whichever trail you follow, your experience in Nepal will surely change your life. We have known many trekkers on a week-long trek who have been astonished by the beauty of our landscape, the variety of our wildlife, our rich culture and history and, the tremendous hospitality of our people for complete strangers.

People Power

Our Team is the Secret Weapon behind our Success


Our Mountain People. That’s how we call each other in our team. We are all enthusiastic, honest travel experts. We often know each other for years and have become friends. Some of us are foreign, but the rest are locals. And they are always part of our little community.

Together, we want to share our beautiful homeland with you. We share our best experiences with you: the unexpected things, the most beautiful places and the funniest encounters. Because even though our team members themselves are modest, we take you above the rest.

Are you ready for an adventure?

Get ready to explore the wonders of Nepal with us



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