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Mastering the art of professional small-scale treks in Nepal!

Nice to meet you!

Curious about us? Nice! We are a small but professional team of experienced mountain people. We’re trekking enthusiasts. Just like you!

Why choosing BMP?

More and more travellers want to explore the real Himalayas. But you don’t want to bump into other travellers too often. Nor do you want to be part of mass tourism. You want to see the untouched mountains and respect people who live here. We understand that you want to trek in a responsible way.

We believe that the best way to travel respectfully and responsibly, is on a small scale and with local people. By Mountain People is a local trekking agency in the heart of Nepal.

We are a group of local outdoor enthusiasts who come from all different mountainous regions of Nepal. We are experienced, know the hidden places, and we have a heart for people. Both for you as our beloved guest and our humble fellow Nepalese people.

By choosing to travel with us, you are about to explore Nepal with your own private guide or in a small group. You contribute to local mountain communities and have the opportunity to connect with them. We believe this is the best way to travel. That is why this is our motto: “by mountain people and for mountain people”.

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Peak Climbings

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People Power

Our Team is the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Our Mountain People

That’s how we lovingly call our team. They are enthusiastic, honest travel experts. We often know them for years and we have become friends. Some of them are foreign, but the rest are locals. And they are always part of our little community.

Together, we want to share our beautiful homeland with you. We share our best experiences with you: the unexpected things, the most beautiful places and the funniest encounters. Because even though our team members themselves are modest, we take you above the rest.

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