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Mastering the art of professional small-scale treks in Nepal

About BMP

Namaste! We are BMP (By Mountain People). Founded by the Nepali Govinda and Dutch Lilly. We are passionate about trekking in the great Himalayas together, since 2015.

Govinda knows the country, the Nepali people and is happy to introduce you to the most beautiful places that Nepal has to offer. 

Lilly, as a European, knows how to arrange and organize things, and understands what ‘Westeners’ consider important.

This is the ideal combination of our different cultures and backgrounds! Every single day, we work hard to create the most beautiful treks and even complete tours across Nepal.

Govinda and Lilly By Mountain People Nepal

Why choose By Mountain People?

By Mountain People (BMP) is the trekking company that loooves the simple days of being outdoors, in the great mountains. As well as understands people, both Nepali and foreign. This is in the DNA of the company.

When you explore Nepal with us, you will be assured of:

  1. Safety
  2. 100% customized itineraries
  3. Memories that last a lifetime

Safety first, always

When we trek together, safety comes first at all times. This means we do not make promises about getting to see a certain view or reach a certain place. (I mean, let’s be honest. There’s something like the unpredictable weather, the landscape, etc.) But we DO make sure you are safe.

We go on an adventure together where we build memories for life and get back safely.

Therefore it is super important to us that we get to know each other first. For us, it means we want to know about your experience level, fitness level and health situation.

If this is going to be your first trekking experience, we help you getting prepared. Physically, mentally, gear, etc.

If you have health issues or concerns related to health, such as altitude sickness or a sensitive knee, we tailor the trekking itinerary so that it is suitable for you.

100% customized itineraries

No large groups. And we do not sell ‘one size fits all’ treks as products. We provide a service, by organizing small-scale tailored treks that are suitable for you.

When Govinda and Lilly had just met, we just could. not. stop. discussing each others culture with its history, habits, believes, religions, customs and so on … This enabled us and now our team to understand both perspectives, from Nepali people and foreign travelers like you.

Because of that, we understand the importance of not ‘just selling treks’. No. We make sure our treks are enjoyable for you as well as the people who live here.

Memories that last a lifetime!

Whether you are planning a trip with your partner, family or friend. Those simple days together in the mountains are the BEST, in our opinion.

Forget about daily life back home. Disconnect from that.

Just soak in the landscape, challenge yourself and enjoy the special encounters with locals and like-minded travelers.

Trekking in Nepal involves a journey through basic yet authentic lodges. Govinda and Lilly LOVE indulging in delicious local dishes and engaging in card games together, with newfound friends. Or reading a book while sipping Nepali chai tea, or writing a travel journal while reflecting on the day.

It’s just the BEST. Right?!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

So, what are you looking for in a trip in Nepal? Adventure? Culture? Grand sceneries or a sense of personal achievement?! Let’s explore the options!


Govinda was born as the 4th and last child, in a rural farmers village in Parbat. The area is located south of Pokhara, a city about 200 km from the capital of Kathmandu. When he was just 19 years old, he opened his own outdoor gear shop in the heart of Thamel. This is where he met Lilly.


Lilly was born over 6,500 km (4,000 mi) away in The Netherlands. She met Govinda when she and one of her best friends were backpacking in Nepal, back in 2013. They started traveling together a year later, and they've never really stopped since.

People Power

Our Team is the Secret Force behind our Success


We are a team of enthusiastic Nepal trekking experts. Except Lilly, we are all born and raised Nepali’s. But ALL of us love Nepal, the people, the food and – of course – trekking in the stunning mountains.

Our goal is simple: we want to show you the beauty of our country. Even though our team is modest, we work hard to make your trip EXTRA special. Let us take you to Nepal’s stunning places, and we’ll share our true love for this amazing land with you.

Ready for an adventure?

Explore the wonders of Nepal with us!




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