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Gosainkund Lake Langtang Trek - By Mountain People.
895 euro
11 days
4.000m >
Langtang & Helambu
Pilgrimage | Mountain lodge | Frozen lake
Kyanjin Gompa, Langtang, Nepal - By Mountain People
1,185 euro
15 days
5.000m >
Langtang & Helambu
High pass | Mountain lodge | Tibetan culture

What are Langtang & Helambu treks?

Langtang & Helambu Treks are fine walking routes in the mountains north of Kathmandu. This region offers a great range of trekking choices. All within a day’s drive of the capital!

The highlights are the Langtang Valley, the sacred alpine lakes of Gosainkund and the rolling Sherpa farmland of Helambu. And you can easily combine these in different ways to build a custom trek, lasting from 7 to 16 days.

Why should I trek in Langtang?

While trekking on Langtang’s well-established trails, you will find yourself in picturesque villages. These provide a glimpse into the traditional lifestyle of the warm and welcoming locals.

Langtang is a narrow valley sandwiched between the Himalayan range to the north, bordering Tibet, and a slightly lower range of snowy peaks to the south. Though it is close to Kathmandu, the region is relatively quiet since it sees far fewer trekkers than Everest and Annapurna.

Why should I trek in Helambu?

Helambu lacks the mountain views of Langtang and Gosainkund BUT it offers a closer look at village life and is a fine winter or cultural trek. None of the treks are particularly easy, with a surprising amount of steep climbs and stiff descents, often through deep forests or across glacial moraines. 

Which trek is best for me?

Take the amount of days, the maximum height and season into consideration. Need help? Just send us a message via Or start a chat on WhatsApp via the green button below right away Yt




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